Tips and Tricks
The NTE 1 or 4 will neatly mount into
an XLR barrel giving you a very cost
effective balance, isolator and level
changer all in one.
Links to a few pages based on engineering problems that you might come across in your daily working as a
broadcast or studio engineer, based on problems I have solved.

Audio : Working with Balanced and Unbalanced audio in the professional studio environment and level conversion.

Sony PMW EX3
Power Supply options

Ikegami ULE 215 Owners Manual - A very cost effective HD / SD vision monitor from Ikegami

Making a simple GPS Locked NTP Time Server

UK and US digital and analogue audio levels with respect to the digital scale ( and 600 Ohm outputs ).

How I got my BT WI FI to work reliably with my VPN

Beginning to Understand U.K. and U.S audio levels, digital and analogue, and 600 Ohm inputs and outputs

Fixing Mum's Laptop and Windows Update

Some tips on logging into a website using CURL

Starting multiple Blackmagic Design Hyperdecks with a powershell script