I use FastStone which is a great free image viewer which now in version 4.6 which gives you the ability to remove
all JPEG metadata including the ability to remove EXIF data. Tools > Remove JPEG Meta data.

Another handy tip, if you wish to manually edit the metadata in FastStone is to add a Hex Editor to the context
menu, one of the best is
XVI32 which is also free.

Download / extract XVI32.
FastStone Tools > Edit with External Program > Add/Remove programs   Point to the XVI32 download

I rely on
Taskcoach daily, a free open source task manager, so good  I contributed to the project.

Feb 13 : Investigating
Caspar CG free open source broadcast graphics software.

Update on Yahoo sitebuilder and Java Versions ( 24 Feb 13 ) : Yahoo Sitebuilder comes bundled with Java 1.6
update 7 from 2008 - full details
here. Yahoo Sitebuilder stopped working ( for me ) around 6 months ago when I
updated Java, I now realise to version 7. I had to roll back Java recently to the version bundled with Yahoo which I
knew was old to get Sitebuilder back and working again.

Today I updated Java to the latest update of version 6, update 39, and can confirm to fellow Sitebuilder users that
the program works with this Java version. I downloaded Java 6 / 39 from
Filehippo, my first stop for all software

Brian Krebs's security website is great and I urge anyone with the vaguest interest to have a look at it. He is in
interview with Steve and Leo from the
Security Now podcast 392 ( The Internet underworld ) which is a great
insight into what goes on in the nether worlds of the Internet.