BBC TV : Mediacity
BBC Sport was one of a number of departments that moved into their new BBC North premises over late 2011
and early 2012.
Dega Broadcast Systems were the leading systems integrators for BBC Sport and Regional
News, run my the BBC's
Major Projects Infrastructure team.

I was extremely fortunate to become part of the team working for six months commissioning the audio suites for
BBC television sport based on a network of Calrec Apollo and Artemis work surfaces in one of the largest
systems in the UK, the Sky TV Harlequin project being the other major customer for Calrec systems in the UK.

Dave Lee, BBC Senior Sound Supervisor was the lead designer and primary technical customer for the system
which integrated the Calrec networked audio systems with multiple Riedel talkback nodes,  Matrix sends and
returns through MADI, AES and SDI, and analogue audio interfaces. The network was distributed over multiple
control surfaces, rooms, floors and buildings primarily over fiber.

Some pictures and links :

The Guardian has some pictures