I am a keen cyclist, I always have been.
I only recently joined Strava :

I have completed a number of road trips over the decades, only recently logging those with GPX and digital
photos. One trip returning to the UK after my first year in Australia, on a frame I built myself .

The journey, in 1995 Katmandu - via the H02 crossing over 2200 m, to Pokhara. Then crossing the border in
India at
Sunauli over to Varanasi : I don't have any pictures of this time, some memories still very strong.

Spain to France in 2010
here en route to starting my MBA at Grenoble Ecole de Management
I own a BMC Grandfondo GF02.

I love my bike, I love all my bikes but the rear hanger has broken on me twice leaving me high and dry. One time,
the only time ever I had to call my Mum to pick me up.

Repairing Carbon frames ( See pics on Strava for now )

I have uploaded the
BMC Spares catalogue 2015 here, my hanger BMC Spare part Hanger #37.

Recently my hanger snapped on a sprint up a steep bit of
Buxton Road, sadly the Rose and Crown was closed
at the time, I was having trouble with my rear 105 mech, the chain getting snagged between the lower guide
pulley and the derailleur frame....it was 20,000 km old a trip to Cyprus, two to Rio and 5 UK winters, so it did well!

Anyhow, looking for compatible hangers I found one, Wheels Manufacturing Hanger 334 is identical to BMC
Hanger #37, and hopefully, not made out of the sacrificial chocolate the original seems to be

The original does come with two M3x12 Countersunk screws, which you can normally save from the old one.