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Professional résumé  -
Some personal notes Here :

Currently researching field data logging and analysis : more details soon

Aug 20 : Oct 21 :     Design and Guarantee Engineer : Versa Studios &  Manchester Studios
                                hosting BBC & ITV Productions.

Spring 20 :
   Lots of work on Lab Gruppen Amplifiers, Futurelearn courses, and Arduino embedded C.,
                     I have been delighted to work closely with Tina to bring
Forward into life.
                     Enjoying the 2020 IP Showcase Summer Sessions on SMPTE 2110 and AES67 & NMOS :

Jul 17 - Dec 2019 : Broadcast Operations Manager : Netplay TV, Betsson Group, Battersea London ( closed )

2018 : PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics : Venue GIA : Speed Skating & Figure Skating.


July - present : Broadcast Operations Manager : Netplay TV / Betsson Group
Lots of Globelynx work.
Feb / Mar 17 : Kingston Jamaica : Video Europe /
April / May : Euroscreens O.B. Vision guarantee engineer : Sky & P.L.P.

A video about the amazing athletes of Jamaica and broadcast
footage of the athletics from the National stadium I
guaranteed while out there courtesy of The Guardian!


Lots of work with Globelynx
Champions League BT Unilateral guarantee Engineer
ITV Euros 2016 Coverage
Rio Compound 2 Volleyball : Crew family photo
HERE ( I am not in it! I took the photo )
Rio Compound 20 Paralympic Games 7 Aside football
Paralympics 2016 : Rio de Janeiro Deodoro 7-aside football
Crew photo
Super League : BBC Sports Commentary


2015 was a busy and very enjoyable year professionally and personally. Some of the projects I was involved in
are listed below :

Globelynx : Globelynx are part of the Press Association and have a large network of H.D. cameras based in many
financial, commercial and a number of UK Universities that can be routed live to U.K. and international
broadcasters quickly and easily. I started supporting the team and their customer sites in January 2015 and have
watched the network migrate from dedicated video circuits to IP based delivery in the space of a year.

Skype Engineer for the Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway shows in early 2015

Euroscreens outside broadcast vehicle OB1 which we designed and built in house and which I often
guarantee was busy in 2015 supporting
London Live at Alexander Palace, the BBC Introducing Stage at the
Glastonbury 2015 and Reading 2015 music festivals.

Later in the year Euroscreens was delighted to provide the unilateral services for the
B.T. sport  UEFA
Champions League coverage from Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal football clubs.

In between, lots of trips for
BBC Sport, Sky Sports for the UEFA Europa League and the BBC Media Action Libya
project in Tunis.  

And when not doing any of the above, lots of embedded C software development on the
Arduino platform using
standard GPI, serial and Ethernet protocols primarily aimed at talking to
Blackmagic Design video matrix systems.

My Linkedin profile
KIVA profile.
Futurelearn profile
Openstreetmap profile : Contributing to Bangladesh, Nigeria, France, UK and others since 2007 My page
and of course
STRAVA profile...

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Old archive links : Mainly cycling!

Tour de France 2011  Stage 19 turn 5 including Contador and that green gown.
Stage 20 Grenoble time trial. Tour de France 2013 : the double loop of Alpe d'Huez

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